New Nexus 5 With Fingerprint Sensor to Launch Android Pay Rumoured

By James O Malley on at

Google will be launching a new version of the Nexus 5 later this year, which will come complete with a fingerprint scanner for use on Google's forthcoming payment system, it has been claimed.

MobileBurn reckons that LG will be manufacturing the Nexus 5 again after Motorola was responsible for last year's Nexus 6 and HTC handled the Nexus 9. An update this would make sense: The current Nexus 5, which has recently been removed from sale, dates back to 2013 - so an update is long overdue. The speculation is that as the name implies, the Nexus 5 will retain its relatively restrained dimensions sticking to a 4.7" screen, but the insides will get an upgrade.

Perhaps most intriguing is the claim that it will come with a fingerprint sensor that will be used for Android Pay, the Apple Pay-style payment system announced by Google in June at its Google IO conference. MobileBurn reports that the phone is rumoured to come sporting a Snapdragon 808 processor and 4GB of RAM - the same as the LG G4.

Such a launch would also nicely coincide with the launch of Android M, the next version of the Android operating system, which is expected in October.

We'll let you know if we hear anything official. [MobileBurn]