New Plastic Nexus 5 Leak Hints at Lower Priced Android M Phone

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Nexus line, Google's Android-showcasing reference model range, has always been pretty good, but arguably peaked with the LG Nexus 4 phone for one reason – its price. Starting at just £240 in the UK, it offered top-tier specs at cut-rate pricing. The Nexus 5, though still affordable, used more premium materials, resulting in a pricier handset. But the latest leak, showing off what's thought to be this year's Nexus 5 model, points towards it once again aiming at penny-pinched phone lovers.

Revealed by an Indonesian Google+ user and spotted by blogger Marques Brownlee, the handset apparently will be finished with an affordable white plastic back covering, measuring 5.2-inches. A rear fingerprint scanner is also seen, with a protruding camera, laser focus and dual-LED flash. Previous leaks from @Onleaks, show a similar-looking handset recreated from alleged manufacturing blueprints, showing off a USB Type-C port. Finally, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 CPU is also said to feature.

The leak also reveals the handset's alleged manufacturer – LG, who previously made the Nexus 4 and original Nexus 5. That doesn't necessarily discount previous rumoured manufacturer Huawei however, which may yet follow with something closer to Motorola's Nexus 6. Indeed, previous rumours have also hinted at a 5.7-inch Nexus being on the way, which would give the Nexus line different sizes for different sized hands, making it a range with multiple options in its own right this year, ready to take on whatever number of iPhones leave Apple's stable in September.