Nintendo and DeNA "Preparing Announcement" of Mobile Games

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nintendo fans might be about to see their dreams fulfilled/ruined* very soon, with the president of mobile developer DeNA confirming that plans to reveal their work on original Nintendo IP for the smartphone market are underway.

According to translated comments made by DeNA boss Isao Moriyasu in a financial update, he said the company is "currently making announcement plans" as to the mechanics of revealing the Nintendo smartphone games to an impatient world. Moriyasu added: "We cannot talk about details, but we are making good progress with Nintendo. The plan is to bring about five games on mobile to market by the end of FY16. Our goal is to boost sales next term by releasing top-level mobile games with Nintendo globally."

We can't pretend to know what sort of timescale this suggests. Preparing an announcement might mean running it through a spellchecker ahead of publication at 18:00 today so the Americans can read it at the same time, converting it into a PDF so it might not be ready until tomorrow, or it could mean they're having a meeting where everyone sits down and says "So what the hell are we going to do?" and it could be months away before everyone's legal people give it the go ahead.

Still, the DeNA boss hopes the games will not disappoint late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata when they do appear, adding: "We will bring Nintendo's first mobile game to market within this year. We will try to honour Iwata-san by executing as good as we can." [Twitter via IBTimes]