Nokia Comeback Will be An Android Assault

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been a sorry sight, watching Nokia's consumer phone business go down the drain over the last few years. Failing to get on the smartphone bandwagon in a timely fashion, it saw its dominance over the tech in our pockets slide to Apple and Google, before eventually handing over the reins of its phone business to Microsoft. But like a phoenix from the flames, Nokia boss Rajeev Suri is planning a smartphone comeback – and isn't afraid to piggyback off those that knocked Nokia down the foodchain to begin with.

According to Reuters, Nokia is recruting heavily with an aim to once again make a dent in consumer areas. Dozens of job postings from the company in California are searching for Android engineers, as the company prepares to embrace Google's operating system fully. Remember that Nokia has already recently dabbled in the Android waters with the N1 tablet and Z launcher.

However, Nokia won't be looking to do all the heavy lifting itself this time around. With an overflowing patent portfolio, the company will be looking to team up with phone manufacturers for "brand-licensing" deals, leveraging the goodwill still felt towards the Nokia name in exchange for royalties. Though there's less money to be made this way, it's a safer bet too, with someone else taking the manufacturing risks.

Nokia's comeback will be delayed a tad though. When it sold off its handset business to Microsoft is also agreed to a non-compete clause, which means the Finnish crew can't get back in the phone race until the end of 2016 at the earliest. When that clause lifts however, it looks like Nokia will be sprinting out of the stalls, ready to make up for lost time. [Reuters]