Openreach Says Openreach is Doing a Cracking Job on Fibre-ing up the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

The possibility that BT might be forced to sell or divest or split off its Openreach division has not gone down well with Openreach's bosses, with the telecoms company's CEO claiming it's pioneering fibre connections and should be allowed to stay part of the BT family.

The comments come from Openreach boss Joe Garner who disagrees with Ofcom's suggestion that a separated company might be better suited to upgrading the UK's phone infrastructure and trigger more cable-laying competition, claiming that the "current construct is working extremely well" and that the broadband team ought to stay part of the BT family.

Garner told the BBC that the involvement of BT and its money, power and influence have speeded up the rollout of superfast broadband in the UK, saying: "I can tell you categorically that our top priority is rolling out fibre to more and more of the country. I very much doubt that [anyone] would have been able to make the investment in fibre that BT made five years ago in the depths of recession. That’s led to our Europe leading position today."

He's not entirely unsympathetic to those with last-gen speedtest results, though, adding: "I really understand that anyone who hasn't yet got access to superfast broadband, they're going to be impatient to get hold of it, but... this country now does have 90% with fibre and we're pushing on at a tremendous rate." [Mobile Today]