"Pick Up Girls" Smartwatch Claims to Subliminally Make You a Manlier Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

This might be a joke. We can't tell. It looks like a joke, but then so does a lot of modern technology on the crowdfunding sites these days. It's the Pick Up Girls Smartwatch, and it has one key selling point above all other smartwatches: it plays positive subliminal messages while you listen to music.

The trick being, it plays these messages at a frequency that the ear can't detect but, somehow, the brain does. And notices and remembers, turning you into more of a Patrick Bateman alpha male who can bend society and the minds of women to suit his will. Here's how it allegedly "works":

Remember the movie, The Matrix, where the hero downloads fighting skills into his brain? Imagine if you could be instantly successful at meeting girls and charming them. Well the future is here now and you can be wearing it on your wrist.

Listen to your favourite music while you program your brain. The Pick Up Girls SmartWatch is designed to play subliminal messages that your ear cannot hear but your brain does (below 20Hz).

Can the brain hear bass without the ears noticing? Does whispering things into your ear while you listen to Girls Aloud make you a better man? It's either a joke or stupid. Here are the watch faces that the maker says will also help you make girls like you and get more sex:


Well women do like cats and flowers and knowing what the date and time is, so that bit should work even if the brain-messaging bit is bogus. Try to see if it's a joke or not yourself, by checking out its Indiegogo funding page. As yet, no money has been pledged, presumably because people are similarly unsure as to whether it's a joke or not. [Indiegogo]