Remember Poor Cecil the Lion With a Gaudy Gold-Plated HTC One M9

By Gary Cutlack on at

A company that gold-plates things for the benefit of those not crippled by austerity has come up with a novel way of celebrating the life of internet celebrity and lion Cecil the Lion -- engraving his likeness on the back of a gold HTC One M9.

It is, to give it its full title, the Limited Edition Cecil the Lion 24k Gold HTC ONE M9, a phone that combines sincere feelings about the wellbeing of animals you've never met and are now dead with one of today's most popular smartphones. Just £1,580 gets you the phone, of which £159 goes to the Friends of Hwange charity, one of the groups that tries to stop madmen killing animals for a laugh in Zimbabwe.

Here's how the makers explain themselves:

"Cecil the Lion was a majestic creature, known for his gentle nature and instantly loved by all who saw him.  He was the leader of his pride and is a great loss to Hwange National Park.  Our designers decided to honour his memory with a laser engraving of his beautiful shape on HTC’s new state of the art smartphone, the HTC ONE M9."

Fantastic. The perfect accompaniment to your Cilla Black tattoo in these dark times. [Goldgenie via Telegraph]