Samsung Announces Three New Wireless Speakers

By James O Malley on at

Samsung has announced three new additions to its "360" wireless speaker range - the R5, R3 and R1, all of which it will be showing off at the IFA show which kicks off in a few weeks time.

The speakers all connect to Samsung's Sonos-style wireless multi-room app for iOS and Android, which enables you to send music from your phone or streaming services straight into the party - and if you have multiple speakers, you can even select which speakers play the tunes. Apparently the app is now even supported by Samsung's Gear S smartwatch, which can be used to select tracks or simply see what is currently playing.

Perhaps most intriguing is Samsung's new "tap-and-swipe" user interface, which enables users to change the volume, play, pause or select different audience sources simply by tapping or swiping on top of the devices.

Samsung is also boasting that its proprietary "ring-radiator" technology will make sound "crisp" and "clear".

The three new models will be coming to Europe and the US (including the UK) in Q4 this year and will apparently retail from $199-$399 (£130-£260).