Samsung Galaxy S6 Cut to £499 in the UK

By James O Malley on at

Good news if you want to pick up a new top-of-the-range Android phone: Samsung has cut the price of the S6 to just £499 for the 32GB version - that's down from £559.

According to Wired the move follows lacklustre sales, despite the huge fanfare made by the company when the phone was released last March.

As Wired notes, the announcement of the price cut after Samsung released another earnings report where profits have been falling - the thinking being that the curved screen S6 Edge has proved more popular than forecast, and Samsung didn't produce enough to capitalise. The Edge version remains a significantly pricier £669.

In just over a week we're expecting Samsung to announce a new flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 5 as well as a new, jumbo-sized version of the S6 Edge called the Galaxy S6 Edge+. [Wired]