Samsung's Updated Gear VR Arriving "Soon"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung would rather we talk about, pretend to be excited about, and feign interest in its Gear S2 smartwatch and the next generation of jumbo-phones it has coming, but we'd obviously rather know about things further away. Things like the updated Gear VR.

That, according to Samsung CEO JK Shin, could be quite near, with Shin telling the dictaphones and iPhones of assembled journalists at the Unpacked event that updated Gear VR hardware is coming "soon" and that the launch of this Gear VR 2 or VR S or VR S Plus might be some sort of "surprise."

Samsung's previously shown off a special edition Gear VR designed to work with the Galaxy S6, so we were sort of expecting it to demonstrate one that works with the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ at its recent party, but... it didn't. So the only one out there is the original model built for the Galaxy Note 4, a fact that's not exactly helping boost consumer interest in VR. [Cnet]