Sing Along With Google's Android M Guessing Game

By Abbie Turner on at

The guessing game has begun. Google has released a video teasing what the company's next mobile operating system Android "M" will be named after, and it’s done it with a singalong tune that’d make the Sesame Street gang proud.

With new Android updates traditionally named after desserts, the possibilities teased by Google include; Moon Pie, Milkshake, Maltball, Marshmallow, Madeline, Muffin, Meringue, Macaroon and basically any other tooth-rottener that begins with the letter “M”.

Considering its partnership with Kit-Kat in 2013, it wouldn’t be surprising if Google teamed up with Maltesers, M&M or Milkyway as well. Because everyone loves a syrupy Twitter brand retweet back-and-forth love in.

Android "M" will continue the tradition of sequential alphabetised naming of desserts. Past Android names include classics such as Cupcake, Doughnut, Ice Cream Sandwich and Lollipop.

Our favourite M suggestion? It has to be Marshmallow, or maybe Mars….

Android "M" will feature the introduction of Android Pay (an Apple Pay rival), improved Google Now controls, better battery life management with a new ‘doze’ feature and more detailed app permissions.

The release of Android "M" is expected to start rolling out October or November, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out the official name.

Think you have better suggestions than Google? Let us know in the comments below.