Sky+ Box Gets Much Smarter With Netflix-Like Recommendations Update

By Tom Pritchard on at

It doesn’t matter how many channels you have on TV, the phrase “there’s nothing good on” always ends up coming out of your mouth on a fairly regular basis. Sky has a plan to make that happen a little bit less often with its latest update to Sky+, thanks to a bunch of new Netflix-like features that’s bound to make watching Sky Movies even better.

At the heart of the update is a movies recommendation service called ‘More Like This’ which serves up some recommendations when you select a single movie and press the yellow button. So if you’ve just finished watching a film you've enjoyed, you can instantly find a bunch more just like it (or, conversely, ones to avoid). You also don’t need to worry if there’s too much to watch, because the new update also brings with it your own personalised Watchlist. Just hit the green button and any film that's tickled your fancy will be saved there until you’re ready for it.

Both of those new features are for on-demand content, but Sky hasn’t forgotten about the people that still choose to watch live TV, also introducing a new ‘Watch From Start’ feature. Never again will you turn on the TV and be disappointed to find yourself halfway through a film you wanted to watch. With the push of a button you can start from the very beginning. To top all that off, Sky’s movie synopsis panes will also display the Rotten Tomatoes score, collating thousands of viewer reviews, as a 5-star rating, so you can decide if a film is the right fit for you.

The new update has already starting rolling out to Sky+HD boxes across the country, and according to Sky it should be available in millions of homes by the end of Autumn.