SmartHalo Brings SatNav & Security to Your Bike

By James O Malley on at

A new bike accessory claims that it will make your bike smart and hopefully deter thieves too.

SmartHalo sits in the middle of your handlebars and hooks up to your phone via bluetooth. And it can do a number of clever things. For example, you can use the SmartHalo app to set up your route and then the lights around the edge of the device will light up to tell you where to turn.

Also cleverly, it does the job of apps like Strava automatically, logging your route, distance travelled and speed and so on from the moment you set off - without you having to manually start the journey on your phone, which sounds great for getting all of the ride statistics you need.

And when it gets dark, it will automatically power up a built in light. Oh, and it will also notify you of incoming calls by flashing blue.

Perhaps most interesting of all though is that it will essentially turn into a car alarm when you leave your bike parked up. The device locks to your handlebars permanently, and requires a special key to be removed. This means that if you switch the alarm on when you get off your bike if anyone tries to tamper with it, it will start flashing and screaming, to scare off thieves.

Like all modern, niche gadgets the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign, with the first devices expected to ship to backers in May next year. When it goes on sale, it'll be around $150 - or about £100.