Some Defective Third-Gen Apple TV Boxes Are Being Recalled

By Gerald Lynch on at

Got one of Apple's TV-streaming pucks sitting underneath your telly? Is it a third generation model? Then keep an eye on your inbox – you may be due an email recalling your device, as Apple has found that some of its Apple TV streamers are defective.

MacRumors' Mitchel Broussard first spotted the issue, with Apple contacting him to recall his unit over an unspecified faulty part, offering him a brand new replacement in exchange.

Unusually, Apple hasn't posted a public message regarding the recall, instead reaching out to individuals known to have been sold the dodgy boxes. It suggests that the recall is a limited one, with a small batch affected. Those being contacted may not have even noticed any issues with their Apple TVs, as this seems to be a preventative measure on the company's behalf.

With Broussard offered an iTunes gift card in addition for his troubles, the recall may end up being quite lucrative for the lucky/unlucky few affected. So don't shy away from the Apple emails in your inbox – for once, they may not be a phishing scam, but legit. When in doubt, speak to a rep at your local Apple store in person. [MacRumors]