Sony's Upcoming Z5 Flagship (Probably) Got Shown Off On Video

By Chris Mills on at

Sony’s new flagship smartphone isn’t meant to make its debut until later this week, but that hasn’t stopped someone leaking a two-minute video showing off some of the phone’s better features.

The video (which has since been removed) looked like an interview between a journalist from French site Clubic, and a Sony media rep, who spends the video running through the features of Sony’s three new phones: the Z5 Compact, regular Z5, and 5.5-inch Z5 Premium.

The video was in French (and far from exhaustive), but a few details of the Z5 that had been previously rumoured are a little more confirmed: all three phones will have fingerprint sensors in the side, 23MP camera units with crazy-fast autofocus, and Sony’s traditional waterproofing and boxy Omnium design. Most interestingly, though, the Z5 Premium apparently has a 4K screen.

Combine that 4K resolution — which is 3840 x 2160 pixels, for those of you keeping score at home — with the Z5 Premium’s (rumoured) 5.5-inch screen, and you get a PPI of about 800. That’s ludicrously high compared to most other flagship smartphones, which run around 300-400 PPI.

It’s actually so high as to be pointless, except for one thing: virtual reality. Strap a 4K screen inches from your face, in some kind of device like Samsung’s Gear VR, and you’d be in for a fairly glorious time.

As always, leaked videos and rumours need to be taken with a fistful of salt: it’s always possible that someone with too much time on their hands is undertaking a very elaborate (and in this case, very foreign) troll. But in any case, we’ve only got until Wednesday until all will be revealed.