Sony's Xperia Z5+ is Another Glossy Rectangle to Check Your Hair in

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's hardware designers have given themselves another year off it would seem, if this image of the forthcoming Xperia Z5+ really is an image of the forthcoming Xperia Z5+, as it shows Sony using the same angular design, flat glossy back and tapered edges as have become the norm in the Z series. Which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your smartphone allegiances and historical feelings about Sony.

This image emerged from a Chinese forum, where it was described as being a device codenamed S70+. Other new models in the forthcoming high-end Xperia update have been rumoured under the model names Xperia 60 and Xperia 70 -- the full size and compact models we usually see -- leading people with pages of tech sites to fill postulating that this S70+ is an Xperia Z5+ or Ultra that could appear alongside the two new Z5 models later this year.

That said, the apparent "render" is a bit of a mess. It shows various models all heaped up atop each other, which rather goes against the rules of Sony's usual promotional imagery. Plus the conveniently low resolution pic could be a classic bit of obfuscation to mask the Photoshop work of the leaker. Oh, how cynical the internet has made us. [Xperia Blog]