Survey Claims McDonalds is the UK's Worst Fast Food Job

By James O Malley on at

A jobs website has revealed that working at McDonalds has been rated the worst fast food job you can have in the UK - beating Pret A Manger and Dominos to the dubious honour.

According to The Telegraph Glassdoor has revealed that after receiving reviews from nearly 7000 McDonalds employees the chain which has 1249 restaurants in this country has been rated just 3.1 stars. Employees apparently had poor verdicts on a number of criteria, including senior management, career opportunities and work/life balance.

Employees apparently complained of McDonalds "Rotation hardly happens, long shifts, pay, send you home if there's high labour".

The best rated fast-food employer, by contrast was Greggs, the store that some people consider to be Newcastle's chief diplomatic envoy to the rest of the country. It earned a rating of 3.8, and was followed on the list by Pizza Hut, Nandos and Carluccios. For Greggs it was apparently a big turnaround - having been rated only 2.9 at the start of the year, it is now being praised by employees for its relatively generous pay.

The news is perhaps more surprising than you might think. Despite "McJob" long being a euphemism for low-paid service work, the company has long been aware of its reputation, launching a "not bad for a McJob" campaign some years ago. In response to this survey, McDonalds reminded the Telegraph that it has spent £43m on developing its workforce.

The other caveat is that though these ratings are interesting, they should perhaps be treated with an appropriate amount of scepticism. As the Telegraph notes, Pizza Express, Yo Sushi and EAT all scored lower than McDonalds yet were not mentioned in Glassdoor's ranking.

So what do you think? What fast-food restaurant do you think is the best place to work? Let us know in the comments. [The Telegraph]