Swatch Boss Has Smartwatches But Seems Oddly Unconvinced by the Trend

By Gary Cutlack on at

The CEO of smart (as in tidy) watch company Swatch has outlined his plans for the future of the other kind of smartwatch, suggesting there are loads in the pipeline to appeal to all the different demographics. Not just nerdy men who pretend to be into activity tracking.

The comments came from chief exec Nick Hayek, who was speaking to a Swiss paper, and said of his obvious strategy: "Our product is called Touch Zero One and that gives enough room for Zero Five, Zero Nine. The Touch Zero One is not the end of the progression."

We hope he doesn't mean inches. The current Touch Zero One isn't hugely smart in that it won't connect to your phone and let you do amazingly futuristic Nathan Barley-type things involving emails and subdomains, instead functioning mostly as an activity tracker with onboard sensors to monitor specific sports.

Presumably the Zero Five and the rest of the range will concentrate on widening the scope of the device and of Swatch's range, and with the Touch Zero Two scheduled to launch at the 2016 Rio Olympics that one is likely to be sport-focused too.

And if we're to believe the Google translation of the original piece, Hayek is unlikely to announce anything too smart in the near future, explaining that current do-it-all smartwatches "eat too much power" to win the hearts of users while suggesting it's only idiot consumers and their "herd mentality" driving today's smartwatch optimism -- rather than any actual... need. [Reuters via Engadget]