Tell Us Your Memories of Windows 95, the Most Charming OS Microsoft Ever Made

By Kate Knibbs on at

Windows 95 is celebrating its 20th birthday. Microsoft's once-ubiquitous operating system launched in 1995 with an expensive (and wildly successful) marketing campaign. It looks laughably outdated now, but at the time, Windows 95 was a hit, selling seven million copies in the first five weeks of being available.

“Windows 95 is to computing what colour TV was to black and white TV,” a computer consultant told the New York Times in 1995. Windows 95 was the first time Microsoft debuted the “Start” button, something its ad makers weren’t about to let anyone forget:

What do you guys remember about Windows 95? Was it the first operating system you used? Have you ever used an emulator? Let’s take a minute and reflect on what Microsoft’s iconic OS brought to our lives. [Engadget]

Image: Deviant Art