Terrifying Knottingley Pub Fire Started by Men Wearing "Scream" Masks

By Tom Pritchard on at

What would you say is the worst way to end a quiet night having a few drinks at the local pub? A fight? Soap opera-level drama? A lot of things could happen, but I doubt anyone expects the place to be set on fire by people dressed up as characters from a horror movie. Unfortunately that's what happened to The Bay Horse Pub in Knottingley, Yorkshire.

Apparently two men dressed in Scream masks went into the pub, set fire to some "accelerant" and then fled the scene. Patrons managed to escape unharmed, but the fire caused some serious damage to the pub before it was extinguished.

West Yorkshire police is investigating the crime, and are looking for any information that will help them identify the two arsonists. Det Insp Viv Segerius-Allick, said:

"We are keen to speak to anyone who has witnessed this incident or who has information about who may be responsible. They have caused significant damage to this public house and put a number of lives at risk. We understand that people may have mobile footage of the aftermath of this incident and we would urge them to provide this to us to assist detectives in their ongoing enquiries."

While police noted that such instances are extremely rare, police neighbourhood teams will be increasing patrols to try and reassure local residents. [The Independent]

Featured Image: Richard Edwards/Twitter