The Best Gadgets and Gear to Indulge Your Ashes Cricket Fever

By Tom Pritchard on at

We are well into Ashes season right now, that monumental event where England and Australia continually try and prove that they are the superior cricket team. All for a tiny trophy filled with some burnt wood. The third test might be ending today, but we still have plenty of cricket on the way. Since cricket is in our hearts and minds, here's a bunch of gear for cricket players and enthusiasts everywhere.

The Ashes Collection DVD, £14

The Ashes is a tournament with a long and varied history, some of it good and some of it bad. If you want to experience some of the more memorable events, this is the DVD for you. It has highlights of games from the past 30 years, an explanation of why the tiny urn continues to get people excited, an in-depth look of captains from the past, as well as a collection of the games' best moments and biggest blunders. [Buy it here]

adidas Speed Cell, £59

If you're a cricket player who wants to up your game with science, you might want to invest in one of these. The Speed Cell clips onto your shoes and keeps track of how your feet are performing during your games. It saves up to 8 hours of data, collecting information on your top speed, burst speed, total distance, and your game time. Once you're done, just sync it to a computer or an iPhone. [Buy it here]

Don Bradman Cricket '14, from £23

You want to play cricket, but the weather isn't good enough or you don't have enough people to sort out a proper game. The solution? The humble video game, of course. Don Bradman '14 has everything you'd need: a career mode that lets you work your own player over 20 seasons, fully featured bowling and fielding systems, and more. Best of all, the reviews seem to agree that it doesn't suck. [Buy it here]

Lumo Lift Posture Coach, £80

Doesn't matter what position you're playing on the pitch, having the right posture is going to go a long way to ensuring your game is on form. The Lumo Lift is clipped onto the inside of your clothes, and monitors your posture in real time. Should you stray from the suitable position, it'll vibrate to remind you to fix it. Plus it also functions as a basic fitness tracker, counting your steps, distance, and calories. [Buy it here]

The Times on The Ashes, from £13

Is the last 30 years of Ashes highlights not enough for you? Well The Ashes has been going on since 1877, unfortunately that was long before the era of broadcast television. Thankfully people have long memories and wrote these sorts of things down in books. The book captures nearly 130 years of The Ashes as told through the pages of The Times newspaper, all written by some of the best sports writers in the UK. [Buy it here]

adidas miCoach Smart Run Watch

So you want to keep track of your fitness stats while you're playing/training, but you'd rather have a screen to keep on top of things rather than syncing all the data to your computer later on. Enter the miCoach Smart Run watch. It's got a built-in heart rate monitor, a full colour touchscreen, 4GB of storage for music and data, as well as built-in GPS for monitoring speed, cadence, distance, and your route. What sets it apart from a regular fitness tracker is the built-in coaching, which dictates real-time cardio workouts created by expert trainers. Battery life is eight hours, or four with coaching on. [Buy it here]

Test Cricket Pocket, £14

Cricket is a big game that requires a lot of time and people, two things you don't always have on hand. The Pocket version of test Cricket lets you enjoy the game (in a way) with nothing more than a table and a few friends. Now you can role play and pretend that you're an Ashes superstar. [Buy it here]

Misfit Flash, from £30

A nice discount option for those of you hoping to keep track of your stats on the field, and without the pain of continually having to recharge it. You just stick the Flash somewhere on your person, and it'll keep track of how many calories you've burnt, the steps you've taken, how far you've travelled, and your sleep. It's also waterproof, runs on watch batteries, which last a good six months before you need to replace them, functions as a very basic watch, and can be integrated with fitness apps and IFTTT. [Buy it here]

Quick Hit Player Target, £12

Need to focus on your accuracy to improve your game? Add this to your training repertoire. It's a target for you to improve your bowling accuracy, with seven different spots that any great bowler should be able to hit. [Buy it here]

Splay Cricket Kwik Set, from £20

Designed for kids, this set lets them play cricket anytime and anywhere. The kit contains a plastic bat, ball, and a set of stumps, so all you need to get a game going is the people and a bit of space. [Buy it here]

3D LightFX Cricket Balls, £15.06

Looking for a new night light for your cricket-loving offspring? Maybe you just want to brighten up your rooms in a more decorative way? Give these a try. They're LED lights in the shape of a cricket ball, with a crack decal that makes it look like someone threw them through a wall. No wires or messy nails are required. [Buy it here]

Splay Pro Series Complete Cricket Set, from £90

If all this talk about the Ashes has got you infected with the cricket bug, you're probably going to need the kit to get yourself going. Everything you need to get playing is here in this kit, including a bat, ball, pads and guards, helmet, and a bag to keep it all safe. You just need to find yourself a club to get playing, cricket isn't a solitary sport after all. [Buy it here]

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