The Blades are the Least Dangerous Part of a Flaming Human Torch Drone

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The only time you get to see mutant powers in action is on TV or in a movie courtesy of special effects. But to promote the new Fantastic Four movie, Marvel turned a flying drone into a real-life Human Torch that streaked across the sky while completely engulfed in flames.

There was an abundance of firefighters at the ready as viral ad agency Thinkmodo’s latest creation took to the air. There was no way anyone would have approved a flaming drone flying over a residential area without that sort of back-up.

Will the stunt make anyone actually go and see the new Fantastic Four flick? Doubtful. Will it inspire others to set their own drones on fire and take to the skies to capture similarly awesome footage? Unfortunately probably yes. So in case that thought crossed your mind after watching this video: don’t. [YouTube via Taxi]