The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM is the Most Random Celeb Endorsement Ever

By Tom Pritchard on at

Celebrities just love throwing their names on things that can be sold off to the general public, whether it's the George Foreman Grill, The Nike Air Jordans, or Gary Lineker and his many bags of air and potato crumbs. Well there's a new one on the block, the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM. Wait, what day is it?

Ok so it's not 1st April, which means this thing is the real deal. Mike Tyson has endorsed a Bitcoin ATM that will be placed in Las Vegas by Bitcoin Direct. Even more bizarrely is that it's not even that special, it's a regular Bitcoin ATM with a picture of Mike Tyson stuck on the front. You put in your money, and it'll be turned into Bitcoins for you. Just don't get cold feet and try to get your money back, it doesn't dispense real cash.

Those endorsements clearly don't come cheap, though, because the machine charges 10 per cent more than the current USD-BTC exchange rate.So that means it's some sort of elaborate way to fleece people out of their money right?

Now it all makes total sense. [Motherboard via Engadget]