The Next Generation of Android Wear Smartwatches is Here

By Darren Orf on at

IFA, one of the largest European tech shows, is just around the corner. And at about two weeks out, we’re seeing a litany of teaser vids showing off new gadgets. This year — much like the last — it’s all about smartwatches.

Almost a year to the day, we saw the IFA teaser for LG’s G Watch R, and now we’ve got another: Asus’ upcoming ZenWatch 2. In the teaser video, which you can watch riiiight here, the full image of the watch (top) pops up for brief second, but the rest is filled with all the slow-mo, close-up gadget porn. We were pretty impressed with the ASUS’s first Android wearable, and hopefully this one will fix some of its few flaws.

But it seems that ASUS won’t be the only one with more wearable wares to show off. Samsung already teased the Tizen-powered Galaxy Gear S2 during the tail end of its Note 5 announcement:

Motorola may have announced all the smartphones it plans to make in 2015, but we’ve still got the refresh of the Moto 360 to think about, and this year, it may come in two separate sizes, according to documents passing through Brazilian authorities' desks. That watch may also be ready for primetime in two weeks. Basically what I’m trying to say is brace yourselves: the smartwatches are coming.