The Next PS4 Software Update will Add YouTube Streaming and Twitter Video Support

By James O Malley on at

Sony is readying version 3.00 of the PS4's system software, which will include the ability to stream live gaming footage to YouTube, according to reports.

According to Japanese website PocketNews, which was translated by NeoGAF and subsequently picked up by Polygon (phew!), YouTube streaming will coincide with the site's attempt to taking on Twitch as the pre-eminent game streaming destination. Expect to YouTube streaming options added to the "Share" button with the update.

Also intriguingly is the suggestion that the PS4 will soon support uploading short (10 second) video clips natively to Twitter - for sharing game moments quickly with your followers.

PocketNews also says that v3.00 will also include a new "events" section, which it speculates will be for watching Sony press conferences and the like, and a "community" section where you can find people to play with.

Google used E3 this year to launch a full gaming-specific section of YouTube - with the full rollout of the site expected later this summer. Live video streaming through YouTube has been available more generally for several years now, having started with the ability broadcasts live from Google+, back when Google+ was still a thing that people used.

It isn't clear exactly when the update will go live - but it has been a long time since version 2.5 launched in March so fingers crossed it isn't too far away. Sony's approach to updates tends to differ to that taken by Microsoft and the Xbox One, which releases new system updates on a monthly basis. [PocketNews via NeoGAF via Polygon]