The UK and North America Will Be the First Places to Get Xbox One DVR

By Tom Pritchard on at

Did last week's announcement that the Xbox One will be becoming a fully functional DVR next get get you all excited? Well here's some good news for you, because you're not going to have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for it to launch in the UK.

That's right we'll be getting the feature at the same time as the US and Canada. Maybe even a few hours earlier thanks to the whole 'time zones' thing. That means we won't have to sit around for months lamenting the fact that North America gets to record live TV (and stream it to their Windows 10 devices) while we have to suffer through the horror of catch-up services that are available to us anytime and anywhere.

We don't have an exact date for release, but at least we knows it's coming to us sometime next year. The Xbox One DVR will be coming to other territories at some point in the future, but other than the fact that it will eventually arrive in France and Germany we have no details. Not that it really matters to us anyway.

Just remember that this feature only works via the official Xbox One digital TV tuner, and you have to save recordings to an external hard drive. So make sure you're prepared. [VG247 via Digital Spy]