The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Time is a very fickle mistress, don't you think? It just seems to vanish, and you have absolutely no idea where it went. We all know that feeling, when we want to get something done but somehow time passes us by while we do something else. Take a short break from work? Suddenly three hours has gone by and it's time to go to bed.

Those are just some of the problems we all face, and sadly there isn't really an app for that. We do have this excellent selection of new apps, though

iPhone Apps

Lrn: Knowing how to code can be useful for a variety of reasons, but getting started is not easy. Lrn is an app that hopes to help you get started, using mini quizzes that will help you learn to read, write, and understand Javascript at your convenience. No data and no experience required. [Free]

Yahoo Livetext: This one is a visual texting app that lets you talk to people via text message and see their reactions in realtime. But unlike video messaging there's no sound because it's usually the first thing that will fail during a call. Livetext is about getting the natural flow of conversation back without too many sacrifices when it comes to things like speed or convenience [Free]

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: The summer is a very busy period, and for fans of comedy and other live performances August is doubly so. That's because Friday kicks off this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you plan on heading up to catch some of the acts, you'll need this app. It shows you nearby shows, complete listings of what's going on, and even lets you buy tickets. The only thing it can't do is get you there. [Free]

KeyFeed: A lot of apps have come out recently that let you avoid manually checking Instagram, and KeyFeed is the latest. It's essentially a 'keyboard' that lets you flick through your Instagram feed without having to stop what you're doing, whether that's texting, emailing, browsing, or whatever. You can even share and like photos using it, no app skipping required. [Free]

Fantastical 2: Fantastical 2 has made a name for itself as one of the best alternatives to the stock iOS calendar app, with its incredible design and easy-to-use scheduling. It's been updated, and now there's a new drafts feature. No longer will you have to restart your scheduling because you realised there was something more urgent that you needed to do. [£3.99]

iPad Apps

Boxer: If you want to merge a bunch of your apps into one place, then Boxer is the app for you. It combines email, calendar, and contacts all in one place, along with a to-do list and integration with various cloud-storage services. But remember that calendar and contact list? Those are brand new features from the latest version, which are welcome bonuses to an app that works with every email service under the sun. [Free]

A Game of Thrones: Get into the books: George RR Martin's ongoing fantasy series isn't the easier series to get into, and unlike the TV show you can't just assign nicknames based on the people you recognise. They're also huge. You might need help, and this app has 40 excerpts from the different volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire to help you relive scenes from the show. Don't worry, though, there are anti-spoiler settings so you don't discover what happens to [redacted] before you're ready. [Free]

Numerous: This is one for keeping track of all the important numbers in your life, using channels to pull them from different places and apps. Whether you're tracking the price of Bitcoin, watching how many Twitter followers you have, or how many days it is until your birthday, Numerous lets you check them all with a single glance. [Free]

Musyc Pro: Creating music is usually left for people with incredible skill or natural talent, but Musyc Pro means you can create your own music without either. All you need is to be able to touch the screen and throw something together that you like. The latest version is now fully optimised for iOS 8, so you shouldn't have any issues throwing together a masterpiece. [£2.99]

TVPlayer: Do you watch TV anymore? Some of you will say no, but one of the great bonuses of TV is being able to watch things live in one place. TVPlayer brings that to the iPad, using the magic of the internet. This latest version has a brand new interface and brings eight more channels for your viewing enjoyment, including REALLY, Yesterday, CNN, tru TV, and everybody's favourite channel for watching old episodes of Top Gear: Dave. [Free]

Android Apps

Kaboom: One of the dreadful things about social media is that everything said is potentially permanent, and deleting shameful posts from your past is a massive pain in the arse. Kaboom circumvents that, by letting you share self-destructing content to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, and email. That means you have full control over the content you share, and don't have to worry about it lingering on the internet for all eternity. [Free]

5K Runner: Couch to 5K: This is one for getting your lazy self off the sofa, and into a running routine. Couch to 5K is an eight week programme that'll get you running 5K without any previous running training, all you need to dedicate is 30 minutes three times a week. It works on a treadmill and outdoors, and all you have to do is download it and press start. [Free]

SoshlApp: This one is for those of you who are always on the lookout for the latest viral content, but can't be dealing with having to surf multiple sites to get the best stuff. SoshlApp pulls in content from Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Twitter to make sure you get the best of the best. [Free]

Monospace Writer Beta: This one is a minimalistic word processing app built to be used with touchscreen devices from the ground up. It's pulled out a lot of the editing features you'd find in most writing apps, but keeps all the essentials in the form of an intuitive pop up. The folder system has been simplified too, using hastags to organise everything instead of the systems you'd find elsewhere. [Free] This one is a virtual assistant specifically designed to help you organise your scheduling. It's designed to organise meetings with all the relevant parties, without having to message back and forth trying to find a time suitable for everyone. It makes recommendations based on who you've invited, and the best thing is that they don't even need the app for it to work. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

6tag: Instagram has an official Windows Phone app, but if you want something more fully featured (and with better update and developer support) 6tag is your best option. The final version Windows 10 might not officially be on phones yet, but 6tag's latest update comes with a brand new interface inspired by the new OS. It also has improved search functions, and a feature that lets you hold the camera button to select files. [Free]

Ganiza: This is one for helping you organise plans with your friends. You see what's around you, or you can suggest new ideas, and send them to your friends to vote on. You can send three ideas at a time, and it all saves you from endlessly debating what to do with your days. [Free]

Storage Cleaner Pro: Over time all sorts of crap can accumulate on your phone in the form of temporary files, and while they do eventually get deleted and replaced they can bog down your system. Storage Cleaner Pro will help you clean up your phone's cache by wiping them all in one go and freeing up some space for something more important. [Free]

Hyperlapse Mobile: Nobody wants to watch big long videos of your activities, so if you're the kind of person that straps an action cam to your head at every opportunity you might want this on your phone. Hyperlapse condenses your long videos into a single, easy to watch hyperlapse video that won't take all day. That way people can see what you did without be bored by all the uneventful parts. [Free]