The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Has anyone seen the new Fantastic Four movie? Let me save you some time: don't. It's awful, and I've switched off better films for being a complete waste of my time.

A lot of the special effects are OK, but the actors seem bored, the plot is ridiculous, it butchered Doctor Doom more than the first two (somehow!), and it changes genre at least three times during the course of the 99-minute runtime. Save yourself some money and watch a good superhero movie on Netflix or something.

But let's move on, because it's time to look at this week's best and brightest releases in the world of mobile apps:

iPhone Apps

Gif Wallet: GIFs are great at expressing emotions, but keeping hold of the right ones is a fuss. Enter Gif Wallet, a handy little app that safely stores your GIFs in their own special place. You have to find them all initially, but you'll be safe in the knowledge that you'll never lose them, or get them mixed up in your photo gallery, ever again. It even backs them up to imgur for you. [Free]

Moodnotes: The folks over at Lifehacker are very fond of journalling as a way of self improvement and keeping on top of things, but there isn't always time to go into great detail. If you want a simpler alternative, give Moodnotes a try. It's designed to let you capture your moods over time so that you can get into healthier thinking habits. It aims to bring a new helpful perspective to situations you find yourself in, increase self awareness, and enhance your sense of well-being. [£2.99]

Darkroom: This one is a photo editing app for editing and perfecting photos quickly and easily. A recent update brings in lots of new features, like the option to share custom filters, copy/pasting edits, filter management tools, premium filter packs, and more. [Free — with in-app purchases]

Gousto: This one tries to improve how you cook and eat, by offering an ever-changing selection of meals, paired with a delivery system that means you always have the ingredients you need. Every week the app will have 10 chef-designed recipes to choose from, along with the option to have perfectly proportioned ingredients delivered on a day and time that suits you. [Free]

MyHeart Counts: A lot of apps let you take part in medical research, and this one lets you help researchers understand more about the heart health. The app itself is essentially a fitness tracker, keeping a tab on your activity, fitness, and cardiovascular health. It can also help you understand how at risk you are of heart issues, and calculate your risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the future. [Free]

iPad Apps

CARROT Weather: Weather apps are all over the place, and they're all boring as hell. CARROT Weather is an exception, though, because it brings the famous deprecating humour of the other CARROT apps and throws weather forecasts into the mix. It's just had an update which brings in compatibility with the Mac app, weather maps, Apple Watch support, an updated widget, and new weather data. [£2.99]

Amazon Instant Video: Get yourself ready for the return of the Top Gear trio early by getting this app onto your iPad. The new version of Amazon's streaming now lets you watch video in HD, stream via mobile data (as opposed to Wi-Fi), and new settings that let you control how much data you actually use up. [Free]

Viber: Viber has been around for a while, but it's only just got dedicated iPad support. That means that as long as you have Wi-Fi or mobile data you can wander around with your iPad against your ear looking like a total prat if you really feel like it. There are also improvements to video calls, contact sharing, and a selection of new stickers to play with. [Free]

App in the Air: As far as apps puns go, this one is pretty good. Good thing it has a great app to go along with it. App in the Air is a flying assistant that keeps you up to date with the status of your upcoming flights, as well as featuring in depth guides to the world's airports. It's got a new update, which comes with a brand new design, an option to communicate with people travelling on the same flight (which is opt-in), in-airport navigation for certain airports, and crowdsourced information about airports and airlines. [Free — with in-app purchases]

PGA Tour Live: A must-have for golf fans who want to keep up to date with PGA Tour, this app gives you exclusive live broadcasts of Thursday and Friday early morning rounds along with real-time video highlights, and featured holes from the weekend rounds. [Free -- with subscription]

Android Apps

Stagefright Detector: The first of the serious Android exploits this week was Stagefright, where someone can take over your phone by sending a video via text message. An exploit that's made even worse if you use a texting client that automatically loads any media (like Google hangouts). This app will tell you if you are vulnerable to the exploit (chances are it'll be a yes), and if you need to update your mobile OS. While you're at it, try downloading Certifi-gate Scanner to see if you've been affected by the other, more serious, Certifi-gate exploit. [Free]

Microsoft Translator: Most of you will be using Google Translate because of convenience and the cool extra features, but it doesn't have to be that way. Microsoft's offering lets you translate speech, text, and even integrates with Android Wear devices for the convenience of not having to take out your phone. [Free]

Genius: If you ever find yourself looking for song lyrics or information about music, Genius is the app you want to download. It's been out on iOS for quote some now, and now Android users get to find what they need in Genius's crowdsourced databanks. That information is often corroborated by artists and producers as well, so you don't have to worry about people sharing too much nonsense. [Free]

The Garden for Cardboard: The whole point of virtual reality is to take us to new places that we wouldn't otherwise see in real life. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, and most of us certainly can't decorate it with sculptures. The Garden is a Google Cardboard app that whisks you away to a virtual garden filled with detailed 3D sculptures that you can inspect up close. It's designed to be a place to can escape to and relax, so it's perfect from getting away from the hustle of the 9-to-5. [Free]

Disneyland: If you're heading to Disneyland in California anytime soon, this app is an absolute necessity. It is your comprehensive guide to Disneyland and Disney's California adventure, showing off park maps, how long you'll be queuing for the rides, and find out where the characters are hiding. The only thing you can't do is buy your tickets in-app, that's a feature currently exclusive to residents of the US and Japan. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

myTube!: Third-party clients are all the rage on Windows Phone, and now this YouTube app has had a very important featured thrown into the mix: actually being able to upload videos to YouTube from your mobile. On top of that users can now delete videos from their account, like and dislike videos, and search for videos within a channel. [£0.79]

Talkray: This one is an app that has become somewhat popular on iOS and Android, Talkray is a messaging and VoIP service designed around communicating internationally. It's designed to use as little data as possible, while maintaining crystal clear voice quality, and automatically integrates with your address book so there's no need to add friends. Best of all it's 100 per cent free, and has no adverts. [Free]

Nimbus for Soundcloud: Another third-party app to make up for lack of developer support on Windows Phone, Nimbus is a client that lets Windows Phone users access what Soundcloud has to offer without having to resort to the mobile browser version. You can find and discover new music, curate tracks you find into playlists, and follow your friends and celebrities to see what they get up to. [£1.49]

Surfy: An alternative browser, in case you like the mobile version of IE about as much as a second helping of sprouts on Christmas Day. Surfy has a bunch of cool features like voice search, a desktop-like tabbing system, shake-to-refresh, private browsing, YouTube downloading, password protection, and many more. If you want to switch things up a bit, this is one alternative browser to try out. [Free]

Brilly Gallery Locker: You don't want people getting hold of your phone and flicking through your photos – who knows what secrets you have stored in there? Brilly is an app that keeps your most private photos and videos locked away from prying eyes, but still separate from the phone's main gallery. It even deletes stored photos from the main gallery for you, almost like magic, and has a fake PIN unlock screen for when some lovely person thinks they can get in. [£1.49]