The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

A lot of bad things happen in the world, but you want to know a real tragedy? The Simpsons has been on the air for 26 years, with no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, yet Futurama has been cancelled twice. It's automatically a better show because it has Bender and Zoidberg. Damn TV politics can bite my shiny metal ass.

But enough about the wondrous and frustrating world of television, let's talk about the equally wondrous and frustrating world of apps.

iPhone Apps

Wildcard: This one has been around for a while, and involves making it easier for you to find interesting content on the web. It's just had a major overhaul, that has improved speed, personalised content, and a news feed. [Free]

Just Watch: If you want to watch TV and film content, one of the best ways to do it is via streaming services. The only problem is knowing what's on offer across the many options. Just Watch is a service that lets you see what's available on a variety of streaming services, including iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and more. [Free]

Freeletics: This one is an app for muscle gain or weight loss, using nothing more than your own bodyweight and without the need for a fancy gym membership. The new version has a bunch of new features, including an adaptive workout that matches you and your goals, workouts that only need two square metres of space, and a ghost so you can compete against your last performance. [Free -- with subscription]

UK Train Times: So you want to keep an eye on train times, but doing it in a browser is a hassle. This handy app has real-time journey planning, along with station departure and arrival timetables, and information about any delays and alternative routes you can take. It's also just been updated so that it plays nice with the larger displays of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. [£4.99]

Hotel Tonight: Hotel Tonight is one of the many popular apps for booking yourself a cheaper hotel room at the last minute, and now it has a very important feature: reviews. Now you can actually see what other people have said about each hotel before you book a room. It has also had minor tweaks to the design, so that now spotting a deal is easier than ever. [Free]

iPad Apps

SpareRoom: We can't all afford to rent a place for ourselves, especially if you plan to live in crazily expensive London, so renting a room in a house/flat share is the next logical option. SpareRoom is the place where those rooms are advertised. In the app you can search for appropriate places to live, message the people renting them out, and even advertise yourself as a prospective housemate. [Free]

Coach's Eye: Any athlete will know that having a coach is invaluable, if only because you have a pair of eyes watching you to keep an eye on your form. If you don't have, or can't afford, a professional coach, Coach's Eye will do it for you. It records your sporting activity and offers advice on how you can improve in the future. It's just been updated too, coming with Apple Watch-based controls, and a bunch of features that make it easier to use with teams. [£3.99 -- with subscription]

Fantasy Premier League 2015/16: The football season is now upon us, and if you want to enjoy it a little more then you should get yourself a fantasy team sorted. Everything you need is in this app, including the chances to win some fabulous prizes if you do well. It's all updated for the new season, and also happens to be the first year this app is available for the iPad. [£1.49]

Plex: You likely know Plex as the media server app that's useful in a whole bunch of different ways. The iOS version has just had a complete redesign, and now you'll find it's easier than ever to navigate your libraries, the audio player is much faster, and the app finally has a free option. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Garage Band: We all know that GarageBand is Apple's own music creation app, essentially acting as a portable, touch-powered recording studio on your iPad. Obviously Apple wants to integrate it with its own music streaming service, and that's exactly what it's done. If you have an Apple Music Connect account you can actually import your music directly over to Apple Music for the world to listen to. [£3.99]

Android Apps

Fallout Shelter: Can't wait until the release of Fallout 4? Well now you can enjoy Bethesda's mobile game to keep you going. Fallout Shelter puts you in control of your very own Vault-Tec shelter, and you have to put your citizens to work to keep it going and prevent invasion from raiders and deathclaws. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Dreamify: You may remember Google's Deep Dream software which turns ordinary images into bizarre acid trips. Now you can make your own trippy images, as the algorithm is available in app form. There are 12 preset filters to use, and all you have to do is pull in your image and give them a whirl. [Free]

Landmarker: If you're looking for new places to visit you could use a mapping app, or you could use Landmaker for a more minimalist approach. Landmarker is a compass that shows you key destinations in your vicinity, and if you see something you like you can pull it up in Google Maps by clicking on it. Just hold up your phone and circle around to see what's there. [Free]

Hangouts: Google's messaging service has had a nice update, finally coming with Google's Material Design. It's also easier to find contacts, start conversations, and a status message so people know what you're up to. Plus it has Android Wear integration now as well. Just make sure not to use it as your main SMS app, lest you fall foul of that as-of-yet-unpatched exploit. [Free]

Parallels Access: This one is an app for letting you access your Windows or Mac machine from an Android device, so you'll never be without those important files and programs. It's not just remote access, though, it's as if you're actually using the main machine without actually doing so. It's just been updated, and that means it now allows file transfer between devices (no cloud needed), a universal file manager, and the option to add apps located in non-standard places to the app launcher. Just remember, the app is free but you need a subscription an you need to pay for the desktop software. [Free -- with subscription]

Windows Phone Apps

Photo Story: This one is a Microsoft Garage project that lets you tell great stories using your photos. All you have to do is choose a day, theme, and soundtrack, and it'll pick all the best photos from the day. But if you don't trust machines to do that, you can customise the selected photos yourself. Let's be honest, you take that many photos most of them won't ever be seen. This app makes sure they do. [Free]

Reddit Reddhub: Depsite recent backroom drama at the 'front page of the internet', Reddit is still a handy hub for finding great internet content. Reddhub is a fully featured Reddit client for your phone, so you don't have to deal with the pesky mobile site all the time. It's been popular on Windows 8 for some time, and now it's finally made its way to Windows Phone. [Free]

Xender: With many of us toting around multiple devices, keeping on top of file transfers can be tricky. Xender lets you send all of your files, whatever they may be, to all of your devices. No pesky cables, no hassle, and no need to mail yourself everything. Heck, if you're transferring between phones, you don't even need an internet connection. [Free]

Tweetium: This one is a Twitter client built around user feedback to help you get the most out of the micro-blogging platform. It's got room for multiple accounts, push notifications, and keeps up to date with the latest changes to the service (like the recent change that removes the 140 character DM limit). What's more is that it's cross platform, Tweetium syncs with all your devices for convenience. [£2.99]