There's Already an Apple Watch-Compatible Sex Toy

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you're still on the fence about getting yourself one of Apple's wrist-computers, there's one new accessory that'll either have you sold or put you off for life. It's the world's first Apple Watch-controlled vibrator.

Sex toy manufacturer Lovense has developed the device, called Blush, connects to two smartphones at once for a more high-tech masturbation experience. It just so happens that you can connect it to an Apple Watch via Bluetooth to use as a remote control.

It's internet enabled, meaning you or your partner can control the Blush from anywhere in the world — just as long as there are active internet connections at both ends. The signals sent to Blush from your phone are encrypted, and none of it goes through Lovense's servers. That means your vibrator isn't going to get hacked mid-use (god I bet that would be terrifying).

Blush is currently up for pre-order on Indiegogo, and Lovense wants to raise $10,000. While that does mean that the usual crowdfunding warnings apply, the fact that the company already sells smartphone-enabled vibrators means you probably don't have to worry that much when you hand over your cash. If you want one, it'll cost you $64 (£41, including shipping) ready for release in October. That's £13 less than the future sale price of £57. [Indiegogo via The Huffington Post]