These Gorgeous YouTube Documentaries About Space Will Put You in Awe of the Universe

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Start your week off right, by watching free documentaries about space that will rekindle your appreciation for the universe.

This space-themed YouTube channel is called SpaceRip, and it includes videos that include explanations of interstellar space flight and 4K footage of the Earth’s curvature at 60FPS. Here are some other choice offerings.

Why did our sister planet Venus become a dead hunk of acid and volcanoes, while Earth became verdant and habitable to life? And what could that teach us about life on other planets?

Just how huge and deadly can planet-swallowing black holes get? The ones outside the Milky Way could be way bigger and weirder than we ever imagined:

Learn how Earth’s monstrously destructive super volcanoes changed the planet’s history and climate:

Hubble has taken a lot of beautiful images in its 25 years. Picture that have, in turn, raised a lot of questions about our galaxy. This 50-minute documentary tackles such questions about supernovae, dark matter, distant suns, and more.

But there’s also plenty of bite-sized videos on the channel, like this one, which predicts what Earth will look like in 100 million years: