Three Has Saved Customers £1.3 Billion in Roaming Fees

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been just over two years since Three launched it's 'Feel at Home' roaming scheme, and in that time the network has revealed that it's saved customers a grand total of £1.3 billion pounds.

In case you didn't know, Feel at Home lets Three customers use their minutes, texts, and data allowances in 18 overseas locations without racking up any extra charges in the process. Apparently it delivers savings of up to £330 for each customer.

Three went onto to state that 530,000 people took advantage of Feel at Home during August and September last year, with the average user getting through 500MB of data while abroad.

Lianne Norry of Three said:

"Three was the first UK network to allow customers to use their phones abroad at no extra cost, to banish bill-shock and improve peoples' holiday experiences. We continue to lead the way in making roaming charges fairer. The fact that we've saved our customers a whopping £1.3 billion proves the true extent of the great roaming rip-off, people are being treated unfairly by other networks, so we will continue to make it right for them with Feel at Home."

While other networks do offer optional packages for customers to use on holiday, Three remains the only major network to not charge extra for the privilege. I think we can all thank Three for not doing its very best to rip off everyone and squeeze as much money out of them as they can. [Digital Spy]