Tinder is Killing the Live Music Scene Says Club Promoter

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in the olden times people would often congregate at local drinking establishments in order to court prospective suitors, a tradition older than time itself. Nowadays the young 'uns prefer to avoid all that hassle and do it on their phones, a habit that one Aussie club promoter says is killing live music.

The unnamed promoter apparently said as much to James Young, owner of a Melbourne based Cherry Bar, who later recounted the conversation on Facebook. Apparently all those Tinders, Grindrs, and other apps ending in 'er' mean people aren't going out to bars socialise with each other in person anymore.

What he's basically saying is that such venues are only good for making sure you had sex, and now that you can do that without leaving the house it's killing the club scene. It's certainly not because club drinks are always overpriced and it's much easier and cheaper to get wankered in the comfort of your own home.

Apparently that's not so far from the truth, and many people commented on the post saying that going out seven days a week just isn't affordable anymore. One person said that you have to save up just for a single night out, with others lamenting the fact that cost of living was on the rise and that they didn't have enough disposable income to go out and stand in a dark room sipping on watered down booze.

Clearly they've just been spending all their cash on a Tinder Plus subscription, along with less important things like rent, utilities, and food. Young people are so bloody selfish sometimes. [Faster Louder via Mashable]

Featured image: Tobias Franz/Flickr