Touchjet Wave Turns Your Old TV Into an Android Touchscreen

By James O Malley on at

A new gadget is promising to turn your standard TV into a touchscreen Android device for just $99 (about £60).

Touchjet Wave is basically an Android PC that mounts on to the top of your TV with a motion sensor that looks down at the screen, monitoring your hand movements using an infrared grid so that it can figure out where you are. This is similar to how the first touchscreens worked, before capacitive touchscreens took over.

Android KitKat 4.4 (modified with the company's own TouchJet UI) is loaded on to the device so it can run apps from Google Play, as well as receive shared content over DNLA, Miracast or the Touchjet media sharing app. So you can boot up the likes of Spotify and listen to some music, or a drawing app and use your fingers on the big screen. It also comes with a stylus in the box.

The company is targeting both consumers and business users - with the above video showing both kids playing with it, and Serious Business People doing some Serious Business.

It is certainly an intriguing concept but forgive us if we're a little sceptical: it'll be interesting to see how good the device is at matching touches on the screen with software commands. Given it is an "aftermarket" solution (to borrow from car jargon), it is never going to be as perfectly integrated as, say, the touchscreen on your tablet or phone. I'm also not convinced that you should be encouraging people to prod their TV displays, given that they tend to be a little more delicate than glass-covered phone or tablet screens.

The first Waves will be shipped out to IndieGogo backers in March, with the official "global launch" set for April, presuming that it meets its $100,000 goal. Though you should probably buy some screenwipes too if you're going to start putting your fingers all over the telly. [IndieGoGo]