Vaio is Headed Stateside With a Powerful, Premium Laptop

By Mario Aguilar on at

New Vaio computers are making a comeback in the United States, some 18 months after Sony sold off the venerable and unprofitable brand. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new, free-standing company will begin selling pricey machines at Microsoft stores across the US this autumn.

We’d already heard about the new Vaio Z Canvas a few months ago. The newly announced device is a 13.3-inch beast, which according to Digital Trends packs 256GB SSD and a top Intel i7 processor.

It won’t be cheap, starting at $2,100 (£1,342 – just as an indication, there's no word on this thing coming anywhere near the UK) in the US; that’s $500 more than the price in Japan, and as the WSJ points out, nearly double the starting price of top Vaios under Sony’s tutelage. It’s clear the strategy is to sell more expensive computers to a much smaller niche of consumers. [WSJ]