Vodafone Opens Up Home Broadband & Phone Service to Everyone

By James O Malley on at

Vodafone has today announced that its home broadband and phone service is now available to millions more potential customers, offering a service with speeds of up to 76Mbps.

The new service comes in three tiers: 76Mbps Fibre, 38Mbps Fibre and 17Mbps ADSL at £25/month, £20/month and £10/month respectively - though Vodafone is also offering to knock-off £5/month for existing Vodafone mobile customers. Line rental is set to be £16.99/month on top of this on all packages - and all of the deals include free evening & weekend landline calls. Vodafone Mobile's premium "Red" customers will get an extra 300 minutes of anytime and mobile calls thrown in too.

The new service looks set to use a hybrid of both Vodafone's own fibre-optic network (which it acquired a few years ago from what used to be Cable & Wireless), and BT's own Openreach network, in order to maximise availability. Previously Vodafone broadband was only available to a select few customers.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the new service is that it will be launching with an app that will let your phone fiddle with your router's settings. The Vodafone Connect app will offer "Boost" functionality enabling you to prioritise wifi signals sent to a specific device on your network (which could be useful when streaming video over wifi) and "Beam" will use "Beamforming" technology to focus wifi signal (and presumably attempt to increase signal strength). There will also be built-in parental controls and you'll even be able to setup guest wifi (that presumably keeps things separate from your main network) with relative ease.

The news also marks Vodafone's full entry into the "quad play" market, competing with the likes of BT, Virgin, Sky and EE on all fronts now to provide broadband, mobile, TV and landline services. But will the new service tempt you to make the switch?