Want to See New Fallout 4 Footage? Head to Pornhub

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fallout 4 looks so good it already has gamers creaming their pants, so it's somewhat fitting that new footage has leaked to Pornhub.

Our buddies over at Kotaku have spotted unreleased Fallout 4 footage (the same stuff that was showed off behind closed doors at last week's Gamescom conference) hiding in plain sight...on the world's biggest porn site.

It's not much to look at, obviously filmed clandestinely (and poorly) at the exclusive event, but gives you another glimpse at the post-apocalyptic open world Bethesda is set to unleash in November.

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So why Pornhub? It humourosly seems to be the place that Bethesda's legal teams have yet to infiltrate. YouTube clips get regularly pulled, and file hosting sites always seem a little bit dodgy when you're not sure who the souce of the upload is. So Pornhub, with its insane bandwith allowance and relatively-easy access, is actually the perfect place to hide something like this.

And mystery uploader Fallout4Throwaway has done a good job of disguising the video as something suitably saucy and unrelated to unreleased games. The video is hilariously titled "Hidden Camera Shows Audience Teased By Big Butt Man in Tights Live", while the tags include "Big Ass" and "POV". The "HD" tag is clearly a nod to just how shocking the quality of the footage is too.

The commenters are having just as much fun. Now viewed more than 70,000 times, those leaving messages are having a field day:

fallout 4

If you want to check out the leaked Fallout 4 footage hit the source. It's definitely cock-free, but the rest of Pornhub is as NSFW as it gets.

Fallout 4 is due for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 10th. If you'd rather some porn-free, HD footage of the game, check out Bethesda's official trailer reveal. Fans of the series may still want to keep the wet wipes handy, though. [Pornhub via Kotaku]