Wearable Drones a Possible Next Big Thing in Rich Idiot Tech Land

By Gary Cutlack on at

The future of drones is small and wearable according to one technological think-tank, which suggests we may soon be surrounded by an army of flying little friends to assist us in every facet of modern life.

This thinking comes from Adam Pruden at the Frog Agency in New York. He's been having a think, probably on work time while drinking way too much coffee, about what form personal electronics may take in the future.

The answer is... small drones floating around us and leaping out of our pockets when needed, a bit like those fish that eat the rotting meat out of the teeth of sharks. Pruden's team suggests we may have miniature drones resting on our shoulders and monitoring air quality then leaping in front of our faces when dangerous pollutants are spotted, also imagining a future where little machine things we have attached to our hands detach themselves and lead the way, acting as a tour guide.

Then there's the Parasol -- a worn drone that flies up into the air when it detects rain or thinks it might be a bit too sunny for our pale skin to take.

In short, all the real problems we might face in the future are too hard to fix and fund on Kickstarter, so here's yet more novelty electrical crap to take our minds off things as we burn ourselves toward extinction. [Wired]