WhatsApp on Android Gets Custom Notifications

By James O Malley on at

The Android version of messaging app WhatsApp has just rolled out an update bringing a tonne of useful new features - including the ability to customise the way notifications are delivered on a per-conversation basis.

NDTV reports that version 2.12.250 of the app has hit Google Play for download about a month after it has been generally available for fiddlier installation via the WhatsApp website.

The big new feature is custom notifications. This means that you can set how your phone responds to incoming messages from different individuals or groups. For example, you can decide whether your phone plays a tone or vibrates, or does anything at all - which could be a good way of shutting up that annoying person who won't stop messaging you.

There's plenty of options available, and you can even customise the length of a vibration, so you'll be able to figure out exactly who is messaging you when your phone is rumbling in your pocket.

Another major update is the introduction of a "mark unread" feature. Sadly this won't let you pretend not to have seen that message someone has sent you, but it will let you essentially flag certain chats as unread from your perspective, as a remind that you should go back and respond when you check WhatsApp again later.

And finally, the app has also apparently added a low-bandwidth option for making voice calls via the app - and boosted the number of emojis available too. Hurrah! [NDTV]