Where Your Luggage Goes After You Check It (and Why the Airline Keeps Losing It)

By Attila Nagy on at

Check out (or perhaps we should say, 'check in') this hypnotising video created by Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and edited by Thrillist.

They strapped a 360-degree camera on a checked bag and documented a dizzying POV as the luggage made its way through an insane maze of elevators, conveyor belts and endless shelves.

I was surprised by two things: first, there are no people at all in these vast halls of flight infrastructure. Second, some of the movements are so hard and rough that the bag is almost thrown from its roller-coaster ride. Let's hope those 'Fragile' stickers are properly observed at all times, ay?

The 360-degree video doesn't appear to work on the YouTube embed above, so if you want to full induce nausea check out the video on Schiphol's site. [Thrillist]