Which of These is the Best Wearable of the Last Year?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Our good friends over at T3 are almost ready for their annual glitzy glamorous awards show, with the 2015 T3 Awards taking place on 17th September in London's Grand Connaught Rooms. One of the most hotly contested award categories is for the Wearable Technology of the Year, and you can help pick the winner.

I'm going to take you through all six nominees, and you can head off to vote for your favourite here. If one of these happens to have caught your eye, your vote could be the one that helps it win (which also could give you a chance of winning your own prize, too).. You wouldn't want its rival stealing the crown, would you?

Moto 360, from £144

Way back when, we quizzed you all about what your favourite smartwatch was and the Moto 360 came in a close second. It's not hard to see why. It runs on Google's Android Wear, has a nice round watchface, Google Now voice commands, an all-day battery, and a built-in heart rate monitor for fitness aficionados. It also has a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen, and magnetic charging. [Buy it here]

LG G Watch Urbane, £206

At a glance it'd be rather easy to mistake this for a normal mechanical watch, which is pretty great if you'd rather have an elegant smartwatch that can be worn unnoticed. It has an all-metal design with leather watch strap, a plastic OLED display, a 30 hour battery life, a heart rate monitor, and IP67 water and dustproofing (lasting 30 minutes in up to one metre of water). [Buy it here]

Apple Watch, from £296

Apple's first foray into wearables turned up a little bit late, but that didn't stop it from taking all the smartwatch attention. Unlike other touch-reliant smartwatches it has an extra input method in the form of the digital crown, which could be especially useful if you have fat fingers like me. It also has a strong Ion-X glass display, force touch, and a built-in heart rate monitor, all housed within a rectangular anodised aluminium shell. [Buy it here]

Garmin Forerunner 920 XT, from £281 

This one isn't a smartwatch, it's a comprehensive watch-shaped fitness tracker with features that can be used to track your progress while swimming, running, and cycling. In the water it covers distance, pace, stroke type and count, pool lengths, and can log your drills. On your bike it covers VO2 max, altimeter, and power. Runners can use it for advanced running dynamics and as a metronome for running cadence. On top of that it also has notification alerts, a calorie counter, and an optional heart rate monitor. [Buy it here]

Fitbit Charge HR, from £90

The Charge HR is fairly basic when compared to the other wearables on this list, but that comes with a matching price point. The Charge HR is a fitness tracker that records your distance, steps, how many calories you've burnt, your sleep, and your heart rate. It also tells the time, has an exercise mode that records your workouts, silent alarms, caller ID (but not notification alerts), and a five day battery life. [Buy it here]

Basis Peak, £150

This one is a fitness and sleep tracker, that also comes with some smartphone integration features. It does all your basics, like tracking steps, calories burnt, distance, heart rate, and sleep quality, as well as pulling across the notifications from your phone to save you pulling it out of your pocket. It also captures your walks, runs, and cycling rides automatically, along with being water resistant and suitable for swimming. [Buy it here]