Windows 10 Update Loop Error is Bricking PCs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's latest unavoidable cumulative update for Windows 10 is in the headlines today, after some users found that the running repairs Windows 10 fix known as KB3081424 is failing to install, leaving computers reverting to former states.

And that's creating quite the problem. One of Windows 10's boasts is that it automatically installs updates whether it's convenient or wanted not, meaning that, when it comes to forcefully installing a broken fix... it's a bit of an issue.

Some users are seeing their PCs try to install the buggy bug fix, fail, then restart and attempt the process all over again as if it hasn't just gone terribly wrong, leaving their machines stuck in a looping persistent vegetative state from which there's no escape.

Updating machines show the message "We couldn't complete the updates, undoing the changes" before reverting to the previous working state, then they try to install it again, displaying the sort of bumbling incompetence one thought had been eradicated from within Microsoft when it stopped selling Windows Vista.

Fixes involving editing registry entries are circulating among MS forums, but you might be best staring at your phone for a few days instead if afflicted, lest you make matters worse by randomly deleting things. [ZDNet via Wired]