8 Awesome Images of Last Night's Super Blood Moon

By James O Malley on at

Unless you are a mild insomniac or were geeky enough to set an alarm, you likely missed out on last night's lunar loveliness. At around 3am in the UK, the big ball of cheese that orbits our planet turned red, heralding a total lunar eclipse that happened to coincide with a super moon.

The next one won't arrive until 2033 – so stick that date in your diary and see if when it does come around again, you can top some of these excellent images from the UK and beyond.

Big Ben - Westminster

What time did the eclipse begin? If only there was some sort of massive clock to tell us.

Newry, Northern Ireland

These images from Newry show the eclipse in full so if you slept through it, you can be sure you didn't miss a thing.

Image Credit: Kelly Redmond.


'Menai Moonrise' - AngleseyArray

The moon is pictured behind the iconic Menai Suspension Bridge.

Image Credit: Kris Williams.


Super Blood Moon

Image Credit: S.A Cember.


New York

The city most synonymous with bright lights and noise still couldn't block out the super moon and the eclipse.

Washington, DC


The Moon overlooks the US Congress, which is currently undergoing maintenance on the dome, and slightly ruining any photos.

Image Credit: NASA

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Of course, some Twitter users were a little sceptical of the official explanation...