A Roast Dinner Between Two Yorkshire Puddings is as British as Burgers Get

By Gerald Lynch on at

If ever the Sunday pub lunch toss up of beer and burger or a traditional roast has left you an indecisively salivating mess, head up to Wakefield's Smokehouse BBQ. Its manager Michael Hewitt has just created a franken-baby of roast and sloppy burger, putting the best bits of a roast dinner into a giant food-coma inducing burger.

It's made up of the following mouthwatering ingredients:

Two 20oz Smokehouse patties, mozzarella cheese, slow cooked beef brisket, pulled chicken in homemade onion gravy, homemade hand cut chips. All sandwiched between two giant Yorkshire puddings.

So, you've got your beef covered off in both patty and brisket form, roast potatoes in chip form, chicken for those that fail to realise a true roast MUST be a beef roast, and the puds as the bap. And, oh, what the hell, a load of cheese because what's a meta-burger without it? You're looking at about 5,000 gut-busting calories, all in, before you count the milkshake that comes with it.

Smokehouse is calling it the "Yorkshire Challenge" and, though it's priced at £25, anyone who can finish it off in under 30 minutes eats for free. No one's managed it yet, but that's a challenge worth accepting I'd say, especially as you don't need to muck about with any greens, either. [HeatnMeat.co.uk, Facebook]