A Six-Foot-Tall Inflatable Jabba is Perfect Lawn Furniture for All Occasions

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You might look at this six-feet tall inflatable Jabba the Hutt and see the perfect way to decorate your front garden for Halloween. But look harder and you’ll see it’s actually perfect for any holiday or celebration — be it Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, a wedding, or the arrival of a new baby.

A 6-Feet Tall Inflatable Jabba Is the Perfect Lawn Decor For Any Holiday

At £112 it sounds a little extravagant for Halloween decorations when foam tombstones are so cheap. But count up the holidays on your calendar and crunch the numbers and you’ll see that Jabba — who’s kept inflated to his full 10-feet length with an included blower — actually ends up being pretty cheap on a per-holiday basis.

Toss a Santa hat on his head and your Christmas decorating is done. And despite what ThinkGeek claims, “this is not intended for permanent installation or year-round use, dangit” we can’t see why anyone would ever want to take it down. [ThinkGeek]

This article originally appeared on Toyland, Gizmodo's toys and collectibles blog