Adblock Plus Now Works on iOS Devices

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Two days before Apple is expected to release iOS 9—including new adblocking capabilities in Safari—the company that makes Adblock Plus is jumping the gun. Eyeo just released the Adblock Browser for iPhone and iPad. It works a lot like every other browser except, you know, it blocks ads.

Well, the Adblock Browser says it blocks “annoying ads.” That means that obnoxious banners will be gone, but you’ll see some sponsored content. You can also toggle the adblocking feature on and off, in case you really miss seeing ads all the time. Android users can get in on the fun too. The app’s been in the Google Play store for a few months now, and it was also updated when the iOS app was released.

You can download the Adblock Browser for free here. Or just wait two days and try out Safari’s adblocking offerings.