Animatronic Darth Vader Toy is Strong With the Force

By James O Malley on at

Now you can take the effort out of make-believe by getting your hands on some animatronic Star Wars dolls that do all of the talking for you.

Thinkway Toys has announced some (admittedly, fairly impressive) models of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper which is capable of not just uttering a number of different catchphrases, but also moving with 31 points of articulation on Vader and 23 on the Stormtrooper. Both support multi-channel audio too, so that they can talk and you can hear the swish of a lightsabre or the shot of a blaster simultaneously.

Thinkway is the same company which has also produced a remote control AT-AT walker.

The only bad news is the price. Vader will set you back £99.99, and the Stormtrooper will be £89.99.

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