Apple TV 2015 Concept Brings Siri and iOS 9 Apps to Your Telly

By James O Malley on at

On Wednesday evening it is widely expected that Apple is finally - at long last - going to announce a new version of Apple TV, which hasn't been upgraded in a few years.

The new device is rumoured to have an iPhone-style app store, Siri support, and a touchpad remote.

But what will it look like? Cult of Mac has come up with this concept by Andrew Ambrosino, who has come up with a design that looks pretty damn swish.

First off, here's the proposed home screen which seems to take some cues from Google's Chromecast - simply featuring a clock and a large image. In the image at the top of the post you can see what would happen if you did "swipe up" on the remote - a "what's on now" screen offering quick access a handful of apps and TV sources. What's interesting is that Ambrosino seems to expect the new device will have Xbox One-style functionality to watch live over the air TV through the device too, a bit like how you can plug your Sky box into your console.

For the app selection screen we get something very reminiscent of the iOS app selection screen. Presumably this one would be scrolled through with the touchpad remote. In the corner we can see a preview of what is playing on the TV behind - in this case, something we likely won't see on TV again for a while, the great Jon Stewart interviewing a guest on The Daily Show.

And this appears to be a news app - not the dots at the top left suggesting that it is envisaged that you would swipe through different stories, just like if you were on your phone.

We'll find out for sure what Apple has up its sleeves on Wednesday evening - and of course, Giz will have full coverage!