Apple's New Cases Will Keep Your New iPhone 6S Nice and Safe

By Alex Blake on at

While your star-dazzled eyes were distracted by the shiny, shiny new iPhones, iPad Pro and more, Apple also announced some new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases to keep your new baby safe and sound.

If you're a fan of tanned animal hide then Apple offers a leather case coming in a range of colours – Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown (crack out the chaps, Dwayne), Rose Gray, Brown and Black. They're priced at £35 for the 6S version and £39 for the 6S Plus model.

There's also a Silicone variety on offer, which comes in a much wider range of colours. Available colours include White, Charcoal Gray, Stone, Antique White, Blue, Turquoise, Midnight Blue, Lavender, Pink, Orange and Red. With colours like that, you can go 'business' when the case is off, and 'party' when the case is on. It's the modern lifestyle.

Once again, these cases come in both 6S and 6S Plus sizes. The 6S version costs £25 and the 6S Plus one weighs in at £29.

The minimalist iPhone desk chargers have also received an update to match the colours of the new iPhone. They now come in Silver, Gold, Space Gray and the new Rose Gold to match the colour of your iPhone (or not, if you're so inclined).

All of these cases and chargers will be available soon, so get your cash ready.