Auschwitz Adds "Cooling Showers" For Visitors Because No One Thought it'd be a Terrible Idea, Presumably

By James O Malley on at

Poland is currently experiencing a bit of a heat wave, so who wouldn't welcome the opportunity to cool off a little with a "fine mist" shower when on holiday? In what is perhaps the most wildly inappropriate amenity since... well... ever... museum administrators at the Auschwitz concentration camp have added shower facilities for visitors.

The Krakow Post reports that the intention was to help visitors cool down in the unexpected heat. Apparently the museum has had several visitors faint over the summer where temperatures have reached almost 40 degrees Celsius.

However, as you might expect the move has also provoked an outraged reaction from visitors who have read a history book – or at least skimmed Hitler's wikipedia page. The showers were, of course, the euphemistic excuse the Nazis used to get victims into the gas chambers during the Holocaust. Over a million people including Jews, Romanis and political prisoners, were killed at the concentration camp during the Second World War.

The Jerusalem Post quotes Colette Avital, chairwoman of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel as saying:

"We would expect people who deal with of the Holocaust, especially in a place like Auschwitz, to think before they act and to be more sensitive."

Surprisingly other tourists are taking the situation rather better. One Israeli Facebook commenter apparently joked that they should "not to fall for the same trick again". [Krakow Post]